Tokyo’s Camp Curry is Now in the Heart of Makati

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BBQ Chicken & Mashed Potatoes (Php210)

If you don’t want a heavy meal, you can opt for something healthier and guilt-free, like the BBQ Chicken and Mashed Potatoes that goes well with all of their curry sauces. I love the Brown Keema Curry with their BBQ Chicken, but my favorite thing about this dish is their homemade mashed potatoes. Their mashed potatoes have a creamy and full flavor, and a velvety texture that is soft with every bite. I would definitely go back for this and I don’t mind eating this along with all of their meals.

As for their drink menu, it’s pretty simple; but there are two unique refreshments that will definitely satisfy you during your stay.

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Mango Lassi (Php150) & Lassi (Php130)

Their Lassi and Mango Lassi are the perfect comfort drinks to go with your meals. They have a yogurt base that balances out the sweetness of their flavors. With every sip of these refreshing drinks, you’ll feel like you are in a faraway island with sand under your toes and the sun shining brightly on your skin.

To end our sumptuous meal in Camp Curry, we tried two desserts.

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CAMP’s S’more Special (Php180)

The first one is the Camp’s S’more Special. It has toasted marshmallows on a layer of graham biscuits topped with chocolate syrup and some matcha ice cream on top. For someone like me with a sweet tooth, this is definitely a must-try, but I should warn you: share it with someone or else you’ll experience an intense sugar rush. The matcha ice cream balances out the sweetness of the whole dessert, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you do finish it alone.

CampCurry 17

CAMP’s French Toast (Php190)

The next dessert is their bestseller. Camp’s French Toast involves milk-infused French bread in a rich egg batter toasted in a hot iron skillet and dashed with cinnamon mix topped with some vanilla ice cream. One bite of this dessert and you won’t be able to stop yourself from finishing it.

CampCurry 4

Overall, I like how fresh and healthy everything is at Camp Curry. From their sauces to their grilled dishes and to their vegetables, you can watch them prepare your food in their open kitchen.

CampCurry 5

Seeing them prepare the veggies, even a carnivore like me was drooling at everything – so fresh and delicious!

CampCurry 9

You can watch them grill your BBQs, too. I also love how they balance out all the carbohydrates and calories we need in just one plate without leaving us hungry or unsatisfied.

If you are looking for a new place to hang out and if you are adventurous enough to try new food, Camp Curry is the best place for you. No need to go to the outskirts of town just to get a dose of adventure because you can get what you are looking for right in the heart of the Metro.

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