Titania’s Made for Men taps Chef Sau as new endorser

Who said nail, hand and foot care are only for girls? Titania, a leading brand that caters to the needs of our hands and foot, recently presented to the members of the press their new endorser. Famous restauranteur, Chef Sau del Rosario, the famous chef behind  M Cafe, Le Bistro Vert, Toro among others and his very own Villa Cafe.



Titania Made for Men



Most men would admit that their idea of nail-care is limited to the requisite weekly trimming. But for men whose lifestyles requires them to work with their hands day in and day out, keeping their nails neat and tidy is a reflection of personal hygiene and profession. Just like Chef Sau, who is a self-confessed “OC” when it comes to hygiene.



Titania’s Made for Men endorser Chef Sau del Rosario.




Titania addresses the need for nail, hands and foot care for men through its “Made for Men” line, a suite of nail-care and grooming tools made especially for men. This line puts nail care and grooming in the domain of men who take themselves, especially personal hygiene, seriously.


Ergonomically designed for men so that nail grooming would be easy as playing poker. The set of grooming products are designed with soft-touch surface, which makes the usual hard-press to every nail cutter a thing of the past! The Made for Men line is composed of the Sapphire Nail File, Nail Clipper, Nail Nipper and Manicure Set of 4.



[Clockwise] Titania’s MADE FOR MEN products: Manicure Set of 4, Sapphire Nail File, Nail Nipper and Nail Clipper.



 The Sapphire Nail File is made of elastic chrome-plated Solingen, a German town known for the finest metal goods, spring steel with anti-slip soft-touch handle. The nail file itself is coated with fine micro sapphire dust which helps prevents the nail from ripping and fraying. The Nail Clipper also have the soft-touch handle for safe and secure grip. It guarantees the one who uses it an even and gentle nail cutting with its high-precision ground cutting edges. The products are priced at Php 143.75 and Php 529.75, respectively.


Titania’s MADE FOR MEN ergonomically designed Nail Cutter.



The Nail Cutter  also designed with the soft-touch coating also guarantees the user a safe and gentle nail trimming because of its high-precision ground cutting edges. This product is made for mens’ strong and hard nails. It’s available for an affordable price of Php 199.75 only.



Chef Sau’s favorite among the MADE FOR MEN line products, Manicure Set of 4.



Contained in a special leather pouch is the Manicure Set of 4. It has a small nail clipper and nail file, a cuticle scissors and a tweezers. On the press conference held at Cafe 1771 in Ortigas, Chef Sau admits that this is his favorite product among the Made for Men line. He said that “all that I needed is here already, the good thing about it is I can groom my nails while in traffic and I can always put it in my car.” Besides his set of knives, Chef Sau’s Manicure set is also pegged as his priced tools inside the kitchen.


“I work with my hands a lot as a chef and I can very well say they’re the most important tools of my trade. I have to make it a point that my nails are neat, tidy, and cared for as well, not only to be able to cook hygienically, but also to present myself well professionally,” says Chef Sau. “Titania’s Made for Men line ensures that my nails are always in excellent condition,” he adds.


Also in the event, Mr. Tim Guiao, trainer at the John Robert Powers, shared his “Five Essentials of Male Grooming“.


  1. Have a regimen for your face and hair. But, don’t thrifty for yourself, it’s for your personal hygiene after all.
  2. Practice proper oral care at all times. I think this is self-explanatory.
  3. Always be aware of how you smell. This too!
  4. Be aware of your level of cleanliness. – Not just with your hygiene but also your environment, including your work space.
  5. Pay attention to details: small things matter. Like your hands and nails!

“It’s not being good looking but looking good!” says Mr. Tim Guiao of John Robert Powers.



Titania’s Made for Men are made in Soligen, Germany and all of their products are available in Watsons and all leading department stores nationwide.



Get them at your nearest department stores!




Available in Watsons and all leading department stores nationwide.


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Titania’s Made for Men taps Chef Sau as new endorser

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