Tired of giving the same gifts for Christmas?

Tired of giving the same gifts for Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner, and most people are readying their Christmas list. We all know what this season brings, a mixture of joy and stress for some. Are you like some of us who experienced being given the same gift every year? A mug, towel or shirt that never fits or worse something you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. We all are looking for that perfect gift that stands unique yet fits our budget. But the popularity of fakes and second hands make it hard to find gift items that shows a personal appeal but does not look too personalized like it was created by your mother.


Tired of giving the same gifts for Christmas?

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and if you cannot find that perfect gift for your loved ones, why not make one yourself?

Harness your inner creativity and make your own customized gifts!

From Frameables to customized mugs and even food labels for your baked goodies, you can surely create amazing gifts that will make a buzz this Christmas season.

First Academy of Computer Arts will show you how you can create amazing artworks you can give as gifts or even sell. If you have no time to make one, you can place an order for a customized Vector portrait for you and your friends ready by Christmas!


Label Design                              8hrs

Vector Portraits & Pop Art          8hrs

Photo Collage                            8hrs                     


First Academy

Tel. Nos. 898.2724 up to 26


 Tired of giving the same gifts for Christmas?

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