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Becoming a mom for the first time turned my world upside down. I was completely chill with the products I use for comfort and cleanliness, but once the little one came, even the teeniest speck of dirt on his clothes, the tiniest smudge on his feeding bottle, drove me crazy. Finding the right products for him became my mission. And I know my fellow moms and dads feel the same way about their offspring. It’s no easy feat to find baby products we can place our trust in. With all the choices and options around us, it’s a challenge figuring out which ones we can depend on to care for our tots.

When I stumbled upon Tiny Buds, the simple yet adorable packaging drew me in. When I saw the type of products they were offering, from gentle washes to ensure babies’ things are always clean and safe to soothing products to keep them comfy and happy, I was definitely intrigued. And when I saw the words “ALL NATURAL”? I was hooked.



Tiny Buds believes that “every child is a tiny bud that needs love and nurturing to grow“, and they want to help moms and dads care for their tots through natural baby products without any harmful add-ons – products that are all-natural, safe, and gentle. Tiny Buds aims to show moms and dads that they genuinely get the stress and worry that comes with parenting, and they can take all that away with products that will truly care for our little ones. And after giving their stuff a try, all I can say is – mission accomplished.

Tiny Buds Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash

If there’s one thing I was neurotic about from the very beginning, it’s the cleanliness of my baby’s bottles, utensils, basically anything he puts into his mouth. And the product used for washing – what if there was residue left over? Tiny Buds Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash removed all that worrying for me. It’s a natural product that cleans leftover milk and food easily, and washes off easily too! It’s completely water-soluble, and it doesn’t leave any foul odors. Plus, it’s a food-safe formula. This cleaner is Tiny Buds’ bestseller, and it’s easy to see why. My baby’s milk bottles, utensils, and breastfeeding accessories are clean, and safe for my little one to use.


Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder

Babies have to stay fresh and comfortable all day in order to keep on being their healthy, happy little selves. That all starts with their skin. Perspiration, dryness, and the occasional rash – these make our little ones uncomfortable and irritable, and rightfully so. So you can just imagine my joy at discovering a baby powder that perfectly keeps my baby’s skin discomfort-free!

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder is a premium quality baby powder made from 100% real rice grains. It’s biodegradable, hypoallergenic, free from harmful talc and chemicals, and rich in protein and amino acids. And my naturally very easy to perspire baby stayed drier and comfier for a longer period of time because Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder repels water to allow sweat to evaporate naturally. Pretty cool. Literally.


Tiny Buds After Bites

No matter how hard we try, living in a country where mosquitos are a part of our daily life means our babies will get bitten. Plus all the ants and other various insects lurking about. When they do get those pesky insect bites, it’s important to find something that will help soothe their itching.

Tiny Buds After Bites is my new best friend. A non-mentholated, non-greasy soothing gel formulated with natural ingredients, this miracle worker soothes every itch and redness from insect bites, as well as other minor skin irritations. Tiny Buds After Bites is trusted by pediatricians, and with good reason. My baby was relentlessly scratching an itch that was bothering him one afternoon, but after applying this, he never touched it again. Oh, and it’s suitable for sensitive skin too. Definitely a fave.


Tiny Buds Tiny Fangs

Oh, those precious little teeth. How amazing to see them appear, one by one. And teaching our tots how to care for their teeth is a fun process – but only with the safest products. After all, they can’t really spit out tooth gel on their own, at least not when they’re starting out.

Tiny Buds Tiny Fangs is every tooth brushing tots’ perfect companion. Not only is it flouride-free and made up of food-safe natural ingredients, this tooth gel comes in yummy fruity flavors that will surely make caring for their teeth a fun ritual they’ll want to keep doing over and over again. Stage 1 Non-Foaming Formula (Strawberry Banana) is great for babies’ first brushing experience. And once they can spit the gel out on their own, then they can move on to Stage 2 Low Foaming Formula (Tutti Frutti) for everyday brushing fun. My little boy loved how Tiny Buds Tiny Fangs tasted and just wanted to keep on brushing and brushing. Score for oral care!


Tiny Buds Natural Laundry Powder and Liquid Laundry Wash for Babies

Even the cutest, most adorable pieces of clothing and accessories are worthless if they’re not at their cleanest, most sanitary best. Babies are very sensitive, and we take utmost care to not expose them to dirt and other harmful chemicals. That’s where Tiny Buds Natural Laundry Powder and Liquid Laundry Wash For Babies comes in. These laundry buddies safely and effectively removes stains and odors from babies’ clothes, sheets, and cloth diapers.

Tiny Buds Natural Laundry Powder and Liquid Laundry Wash For Babies are made with Natural Cleaning Agents that are biodegradable and leave no chemical residue. And they smell really nice, too! My baby could not get enough of the fresh, irresistible scent. And because these are recommended for all family members with sensitive skin, then I can use them for my clothes as well (and yes, I do!). Loads of love in every wash indeed!



Tiny Buds Natural Fabric Softener for Babies

Babies are soft, cuddly beings that deserve to be surrounded by equally soft, cuddly things. However, most fabric softeners in the market, while effective, are made of harsh chemicals that we wouldn’t want our tots to be exposed to. Do we gamble our babies’ well being?

With Tiny Buds Natural Fabric Softener for Babies, we don’t have to. This plant-based softener leaves babies’ clothes, sheets, and laundry soft and fluffy to the touch. With zero harsh chemicals and free from artificial colorants too! My little one’s sheets were so comfy after using this that he fell into a peaceful slumber soon after lying down. And yes, with all the softness, plus the lovely mild and calming fragrance, I couldn’t resist settling down next to him. Bedtime and nap time reached a whole new level of comfort thanks to this!


With each Tiny Buds product comes a Badge of Honor that promises every product is lovingly made with all-natural ingredients, is gentle on babies, safe for the family, and environment-friendly too! Finding the best natural care for our babies just became a breeze thanks to Tiny Tots. I know that I no longer have to worry or obsess because I’m sure that my baby boy is truly cared for.


Tiny Buds is best for our Tiny Tots. Mom Approved!

Tiny Buds

Available at Baby Company, Robinsons, Landmark, Rustan’s, SM, and major supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.



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