Tina Fey’s Mean Girls Musical is Almost Ready – Grool!

Who didn’t/doesn’t love Mean Girls? In the early 2000s, when Lindsay Lohan was still regular and loveable Lindsay Lohan and when fashion wasn’t too fashown, Mean Girls made a mark on the world with its totally retable high school drama and its unforgettable catchphrases.


Mean Girls Musical


Well, guess what? There is going to be a Mean Girls musical – and it’s already 60% written! How ‘grool’ is that? 😀

The Mean Girls musical is being completed by Tina Fey, her husband Jeff Richmond, and Nell Benjamin who wrote the lyrics for Legally Blonde: The Musical. While the other song titles haven’t been revealed yet, Richmond did say that one song will be called “Old Blonde Song” and will be sung by Regina’s mom.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for this musical, especially since Tina Fey has been talking about it since 2007. It’s kind of fun to try and come up with song that they can write based on their catchphrases, too. How about “So Fetch”, “You Go, Glen Coco” or “It’s October 3rd”?

What do you think of this news on the upcoming Mean Girls musical? Do you have any song ideas of your own? Do share them with us! 🙂