Check Out Lindsay Lohan’s New Work-at-home Gig!

Looking for a very famous A-list endorser? Why not book Lindsay Lohan? This is about the best time she can accommodate you! Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity while she’s on house arrest lol! Apparently, Lindsay Lohan is getting paid in the comforts of her home. She’s now endorsing an auction website called Beezid. All she had to do is talk white sitting on the comforts of her living room. Effortless.  Aww, poor girl. Sucks to be her, huh?



For the sake of those who live under a rock, Lindsay Lohan is placed under house arrest for stealing a $2,500 necklace. But for this 30-second ad alone, she got paid $25,000 dollars! That’s worth 10 necklaces already! She also got $10,000 worth of credit on the site.  Ah, the perks of being a celebrity.


Why did they pick LiLo? A rep for the company told E! that she’s “a huge shopper” who had “extra time right now”. Of course she does! In fact, she has all the time in the world–as long as she’s confined to the boundaries of her townhouse.