Timberland Watches: Fashionable watches! Not just shoes!

Timberland Watches: Fashionable watches! Not just shoes!


When In Manila, I’m sure that when the Timberland brand comes to your mind, you’d straight think of shoes right away. Pardon to burst your bubble, Timberland doesn’t only cater to comfy, durable, and stylish shoes, Timberland also caters to amazingly fashionable time pieces! Yes, watches in human words. When it’s about Timberland shoes, we always know how leather is always their amazing advantage with style and design, their watches also flair the same fashionable and eye-catching leather ensemble that their boots and other shoes rock! Just look at this Timberland watch with me below on the photo!




What’s great about Timberland watches is with how they reflect their similar style with their signature boat shoes, boots and standard footwear. Their very stylish nubuck colors and color combinations. Plus, they have men’s watches, similar to what I have and are present in the photos here, that are big in size. Good for those who like big watches but are steering away from over-sized ones.




Quality of the leather is parallel to their shoes. Same leather materials used that are durable. I spend some time using this Timberland TBL13910JS07J Beige/Brown Chronograph watch under the hot summer sun, and my arm did not begin to feel uncomfortable even through the heat and leather material.




When In Manila, do keep Timberland in mind when searching for fashionably eye-catching watches. They’re not just fashionable, they’re also comfortable and durable too! More than just shoes and boots! Even the Men’s watches look great on women too! Don’t get me wrong though, they have an entire line-up for women as well. Cheers! If you want this Timberland TBL13910JS07J Beige/Brown Chronograph watch, they can be bought for a really good price at around Php9,000.





Facebook: www.facebook.com/timberlandPH
Timberland Watches are available at Wrist Pod, Swiss Gear and Chronos shops.



Timberland Watches: Fashionable watches! Not just shoes!


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