Tendence Fantasy Watch: A Classy and Cool Twist to Your Wrist!

Tendence Fantasy Watch: A Classy and Cool Twist to Your Wrist!

When In Manila, watches have always been a need to ramp up an outfit. Matching colors, adding accents, you name it. Watches have been one of those accessories where we spend a lot of our hard earned money on and we do even so buy a couple of them to match our clothing and even our moods. Tendence, a watch brand founded in 2007 in Lugano, Switzerland is here in our country bringing us their classy and cool watches to make wrist-time all the better! Let’s look at the popular Tendence Fantasy watch, shall we?


The Tendency Fantasy Watch

I personally like the Tendence Fantasy line of watches. This is their current most popular line and it matches my criteria for watches pretty well! I am a fan of big-faced/oversized watches and the 50mm face of the Tendence Fantasy watch just kicks off well with me. The matching large numerical digits also give a certain attitude to the watch.


Another amazing thing about the Tendence Fantasy watches is that they have amazing variations of colors that really emanate different characters and attitudes to each colors even though they are on the same line of design! You can have 2 Tendence watches and each of them bring out a very distinct characteristics on you and your outfit. One can never really just stick to a single Tendence Fantasy watch, I guess hehe.


The diversity of the colors of some of the Tendence watches really do stand-out, specially with the matching big 50mm face that it boasts, it really is such a beautiful time-piece. This Tendence Fantasy watch with me has an Orange/Brown color. It’s more of a grey-ish brown than simply brown, and it really emphasizes the color accents by having the digits flash the bright color, while the watch body accents it with a more neutral color tone. The color combination is just beautiful! I actually chose this over the more basic and classy colored variations simply because the color combination is really catchy and uncommon.


Tendence screams quality for sure! When checking the back of the silicon wrist strap, you won’t find any traces of cuts, excess rubber, or even the slightest imperfections. Even the back of the strap has a beautiful design, it actually makes me want to wear the strap backwards which is obviously impossible.

Oh, and they are also water resistant up to 5ATM! How can you not love Tendence even more?





Facebook: www.facebook.com/tendence.ph

Tendence Fantasy Watches are priced at P7,470.00.

Tendence Watches are available at Wrist Pod, Swiss Gear and Chronos shops.



Tendence Fantasy Watch: A Classy and Cool Twist to Your Wrist!


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