Dakasi Milk Teas: Super Satisfying!

WHEN IN MANILA, 2003 was the year when various coffee shops kept popping from left to right. From Starbucks and Seattle’s Best to Gloria Jeans and Bo’s Coffee. The year 2008 on the other hand was the rainfall of the super addicting Fro-yos! Whilst the year 2003 and 2008 showered us with unlimited coffee and fro-yo, 2012 has something different in store for us: Milk Teas!


I’m a sucker for milk teas and all my friends seem to be so too. So last Saturday, my girlies and I decided to check out the newest milk tea shop that promises to make their customers beam until the very last drop.







Dakasi, the newest hotspot that offers the current craze in the Philippines, boasts a long list of specially formulated thirst quenchers that will surely knockout your taste buds!







Among their extensive and impressive menu, we tried out nine of their amazing drinks that left us wanting for more, if only our bladders did not fail us.





 (Php 80, Php 90, Php 90)




Left: The Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea is perfect for those who crave for a delicious milk tea but yearns for a tinge of coffee.


Center: The Honeydew Milk Tea strikes the perfect balance between sweetness with a hint of bitterness.


Right: The Taro Milk Tea takes me back to the days when I would beg my parents to buy me a glass of Quickly. Definitely a two thumbs up!





(Php 90, Php 80)




Left: Dakasi’s pride and rightly so, the Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea. So far, this has been the best classic bubble tea that I have tasted. It has a very unique flavor that only Dakasi can offer.



Right: The Plum Iced Tea is definitely the go to drink of the people who love the wonderful combination of sweet and sour.







My girlfriends, Winona and Fern, can’t seem to get enough of Dakasi’s drool generating drinks!


My friends and I all agreed that Dakasi is one of the best milk teas in the country! But what we couldn’t agree on is who to crown as the best Dakasi drink.





(Php 80)




My lovely photog, Jañel , absolutely loved the Jasmine Milk Tea. She was so hooked to it that she had to buy another glass before heading out.





(Php 80)




My very own fairy godmother, Winona, loved the Iced Strawberry drink so much that she finished it all up!





(Php 90)




My soul sister, Fern, enjoyed the Golden Honey Grapefruit Tea for the generous amount of grapefruit bits in the drink.





(Php 100)




It was my first time to try out a hot milk tea last Saturday. And may I just say, I should definitely try more! My personal favorite, the hot version of the Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea, was amazeballs. The flavor of the tea was rich and very creamy.







After trying out nine different drinks, my friends and I thought we would swear off milk teas for good! But with the wonderstrucking drinks of Dakasi, how could we resist?








So when you’re looking for a place that will surely satisfy your milk tea cravings, head on over to Dakasi WHEN IN MANILA.







Annapolis Greenhills, Marquee Mall, Alabang Town Center, Harbor Point, 17 P. Tuazon Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City, U.N. Ave. cor., Maria Orosa, Manila, 207 Banawe St., Quezon City





All photos taken by: Jañel Gotauco








Dakasi Milk Teas: Super Satisfying!

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