TicketWorld Inc: Innovating Social Ticketing

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TicketWorldInc (TWI) has become the country’s portal to Philippine entertainment! Since its first major concert, Michael Jackson’s HIStory World Tour in 1996, to last season’s Box-Office hit Phantom of the Opera, TWI has been catering to the country’s largest ticketed events for 18 years now. Over those 18 years, we have constantly introduced the latest in industry developments to the Filipino audience and continue to do so to date.

TWI provides all the services event-goers and event organizers will ever need, from, pre-show selling, advertising and distribution, to post show attendance information, trends and attendance, We do it all for you! It doesn’t get any more “ultimate” than that!

In this day and age, 60% of ticket purchases are made online! Our website, www.ticketworld.com.ph, is getting a major upgrade to make cyber purchases quicker, easier, and with additional layers of security. Filipino audiences will now be able to check out the latest events using the new Calendar View, where audiences can pick and choose their events, weeks and event months in advance. With a whole month of events in full view, now event-goers can avoid schedule conflicts and timing issues. 

Another of the website’s new exciting features will be the View from My Seat. If event goers are looking at a new venue, or not too certain about the section, ticket buyers will have access to a mock preview from their selected seats! This feature will soon be complimented with the 360 ° View of the venue for the full panoramic view of the event venue.

 TicketWorld - Web

And, for the most exciting upgrade yet, TWI is proud to launch its Mobile Purchase Gateway! The future is tapping! This May 2013, it will become possible to purchase tickets right from a mobile or tablet browser. Ticket buyers can now log on to the TWI website and tap their way to a secure ticket purchase.  The mobile application interface allows smart phones the hassle-free experience of buying tickets right from your mobile device 24 hours of the day!

TWI has also taken up its latest tag line: “Innovating Social Ticketing”, in line with the launch of our latest social media promotions. Our ever-growing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts have become the new bulletin board for event-goers around the nation. TWI updates all the social media spheres with the latest events, promotions and specials! This allows us to connect with users all over the planet. In response to the importance of Facebook to the entertainment industry, we are thrilled to announce that we have taken a giant leap in Facebook technology with our new feature BARKADATIX! BarkadaTix is a Facebook integrated application that allows customers to purchase tickets through their Facebook account, and reserve tickets for friends! When customers make a purchase they can also pre-book tickets for their friends. No more dividing shared payments, coordinating simultaneous ticket reservations, or even picking up tickets. BarkadaTix also allows you the convenience of printing the tickets right from your home.

We also firmly believe that our mission of innovation and progress involves the cooperation of the new generation of event-goers. This year, TWI has gone full force with its Student Ambassador Program! A fleet of energetic university students, fondly called “Twistas”, has joined the TWI mission of promoting the arts and live entertainment! Our dedicated team of Student Ambassadors extends TWI’s already wide reach, to campuses and students all over the nation.

This May 2013, TWI brings you its latest upgrade with the most advanced and secure system in the nation! And we can say with 100% confidence, that we are ready to make major waves in the entertainment industry in the Philippines.



TicketWorld Inc : Innovating Social Ticketing

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