Ticanocah: Local Artisanal Products that are Essential for Every Home

In the early 90s, Lourdes Punzalan started making recycled handicraft and novelty items, as well as quilted tote bags out of scrap cloth to give as gifts to her family. When people started asking about her products, she joined small bazaars and night markets under the name Ticanocah, a combination of the nicknames of her eldest children, Tino and Cacah.

She then joined a television show hosted by the late Mr. German Moreno, showcasing livelihood training educational programs. She was the group’s President for four years and was able to help small entrepreneurs promote their local handmade products. After that, she also decided to share her knowledge with those who wanted to put up their own small businesses by conducting various livelihood training programs nationwide.

To keep up with the times, Ticanocah’s products have evolved from quilted totes and handicrafts to candles, soaps, lotions, perfume, and household cleaners. Aside from producing and promoting their merchandise, they also personalize and curate giveaways as requested by their clients. They also conduct trainings and seminars on candle and soap making.

Photo from Ticanocah

The Ticanocah team knows how hard it can be to find affordable essentials right now. Since they have been refining their products through years of experience and expertise, they have thus decided to answer the call of demand in the market.

Their hand soaps are all handcrafted with organic and natural materials while their quality essentials provide the same cleaning and disinfecting actions as other known brands, but at a more reasonable price. I have always made it a point to support local brands as much as I can, and it’s really so nice to know that Ticanocah offers locally made and even customizable high quality items at such affordable prices.

That aside, Ticanocah’s products are available at both retail and wholesale prices. They also have upcoming collaborations with local artists and plan on releasing more products soon, such as perfume and candles. Check them out today!



Facebook: http://www.facebook.conm/Ticanocah.PH

Instagram: @ticanocah

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