Three Reasons Why You Need to Try the Burger Joint and Come Back for More

A diet without a burger is never a good diet. I can attest to that without a doubt. It’s just the total package, you know? You got the meat, the bread, the veggies, and all of the nicest spices in the world.

So if you’re looking for a god-sent restaurant, this is for you. The homey The Burger Joint houses the best kinds of burgers from all over America that makes their home state proud. Typically, I would be contented with the cheeseburger that I always buy at a side street burger shop. However, when The Burger Joint served their burgers and other best-sellers to us, I was more than ecstatic to try all of it at once because of the appealing qualities that set it apart from the others. If you need more reasons why you need to visit The Burger Joint, this list is for you.

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The Burger Joint 2

3. All Natural. All Fresh. All Good.

What makes up a good burger, you ask? The secret is in the freshness and natural goodness of the ingredients. One thing goes wrong and burger aficionados will know for sure. That’s why TBJ aka The Burger Joint always makes sure they only serve the best.

When it comes to their patties, they never use store-bought ground beef. NEVER. I saw the process of how they cook it and it’s the coolest thing I saw that day. They ground fresh premium cuts of beef DAILY. Right after that, they form the freshly ground beef into patties that go straight to the grill.

Yep, no added MSG or anything. Straight to the grill and that’s where they season the patties to retain the flavor of the beef. It’s really good and tasty, promise.

The Burger Joint 7

2. You can customize your own burger

Imagine a burger filled only with your favorites. You can have all the bacon, layers and layers of cheese, and a lot more you want.

Everything comes with the price, but for a burger to achieve its ultimate form of your choice, you must take the challenge. Put in everything you want to add from their menu of ingredients!

It’s guaranteed original and delicious every time!

The Burger Joint 5

1. Their chili dogs, milkshakes, and wings are the bomb

Aside from their amazing burgers, you can never have the complete American dining experience without the staple chili dogs, milk shakes and chicken wings.

The chili dog is just out of this world. I can’t even explain how good and packed it was! That goes with the wings, too, especially the Lemon Pepper wings. Oh no, don’t even remind me of that. I’m trying to get it off my mind, but it just wouldn’t budge. It was such a delightful mix of tangy citrus and spicy kick.

The Burger Joint 8
The Burger Joint 12
The Burger Joint 10

The Burger Joint will be offering their own savory ribs soon, too. Which means one thingwe definitely will be back.

The Burger Joint

G/F SM Center Pasig, Pasig City (near Tiendesitas)
Instagram: @theburgerjoint_ph


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