Thoma in ‘Genshin Impact’ is Voiced By a Filipino

Last month, after the release of ‘Trese’, Filipina voice actor Inka Magnaye voiced out her honest opinions about how she wished Filipino voice actors could land big roles in local animated films. As a voice actor myself, I completely agree with Inka’s sentiments. I, too, wish that our local voice actors would be given the chance to share their voices with the world.

Well, we’ve got some awesome news: the English voice actor for Thoma in ‘Genshin Impact’ is voiced by a Filipino! Christian Banas, who voices Thoma, posted an announcement on Twitter recently thanking ‘Genshin Impact’ and Chris Faiella for the amazing opportunity:

According to the Version 2.0 Livestream, “Thoma is a rather special character. He has blond hair, different from most other Inazuma characters, and his identity is naturally a bit of a mystery of its own. In terms of his personality, he’s very observant of people — a rather mature companion. Thoma is currently the chief retainer of the Kamisato Clan and has a certain level of association with the Kamisato siblings.”

We are so proud and happy that Filipino voice actors are being given opportunities like this. 🙂

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