This Young Artist in Silay Paints Murals of Iconic Personalities To Express His Love for Mom and Art

Apart from writing trending stories, one thing I love about my work is finding and eventually, meeting the people behind the true and uplifting stories we come across online. As I was looking for some newsworthy topics on Facebook, this mural of Audrey Hepburn genuinely got my attention:

young artist in bacolod

As per Mark, he painted Audrey in “black with white acrylic paint.”

So, when I saw this young artist’s wall art, I didn’t hesitate to send him a Facebook request to feature him.

young artist in bacolod

The aspiring artist’s name is Mark James De Guzman. He lives in Silay and has a degree in Electrical and Communications Engineering. Although, Mark is a techy guy, he is also passionate about photography and art. According to Mark, this photo was taken at Darling Quarters in Sydney, Australia. He also shared that the painting in the background is one of the artworks he’s seen which inspired him to start his own wall art.

Ideally, we are stunned with paintings and portraits found in museums. What genuinely gets our attention, though, are the murals or throw ups (graffiti) in the streets.

Interestingly, inspired by the sensational artworks he’s seen in Victoria, Australia, he decided to express his love for his mom and art by painting some of the iconic artists of all time – Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Charlie Chaplin, and more!

Look at his amazing wall art below:

Young artist in bacolod

Frank Sinatra was done by white acrylic paint brushed on black spray paint,” Mark explained.

young artist in bacolod

James Bond 007 or Sean Connery was done with black on white acrylic paint, too. As what Mark said, the painting is meant to be viewed from a distance due to the rough texture of the wall and gate. (But for me, it doesn’t matter!)

young artist in bacolod

The kid in this Charlie Chaplin image is John Leslie “Jackie” Coogan, the guy who eventually portrayed, “Uncle Fester” in the 1960’s show “The Addam’s Family.”

Lastly, The Beatles!

young artist in bacolod

“By the way, si Frank and Beatles…it’s an “art installation.”  Notice mo sa hair ni Audrey, mailbox yan. Naglagay ako ng mp3 player with power bank sa loob. Minsan tuwing hapon I play Frank’s and The Beatles’ songs,” he confirmed.

And of course, to add humor, the amateur artist added the famous arcade game, Pac-Man.

young artist in bacolod

For the love of mom and art

When he finally said “yes” to my online interview invitation, I asked him, who’s his inspiration, he answered:

Got inspired in the street art sa Australia, particularly sa Victoria. And it’s for mum. I’m doing it for mum. She said, my lolo’s favorite is Chaplin. My mum’s ultimate favorite is Frank Sinatra.

He said, his mom is always looking forward to his new creations. She would ask him to take photos and paint more. Moreover, his neighbors and friends are also stunned with his ingenuity.
Tapos tuwang tuwa ako pag mga bata umuuwi galing school. nagmamasid. naisip ko parang ineexpose ko yung mga bata at adults na rin sa “art scene”.

When not painting and taking photos, Mark catches up with his favorite TV shows, does a bit of cooking, and online window shopping. To add, he also loves traveling, visiting his sisters in Australia, and redecorating/redesigning parts of their house in Silay.

Here’s the general view:

Young artist in bacolod

I’m wondering what or who would his next subject be? Oh well, whatever it is, I trust it will be a great one, too!

“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” – Mark Chagall

Which one is your favorite? Me, the Audrey Hepburn! Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!