This Woman’s Diet is Called “Breatharianism”, Claims She No Longer Needs Solid Food

We’ve probably heard of every single diet and lifestyle option out there—from veganism to the keto diet. However, there’s a woman that’s been making her rounds on the internet speaking about Breatharianism.

Twenty-five-year-old American Audra Bear claims that her lifelong journey and interest towards health and well-being brought her to the practices of ‘Breatharianism’. It is exactly as it sounds.

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That blissful calm after a good breathwork session❤️

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Audra believes that when we inhale, our body not only takes in oxygen but ‘prana’. Prana is another word for energy also known as ‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’. Breatharians claim that they get the nutrition that they need simply by breathing and that it can substitute for solid food.

Audra does extensive breathing exercises throughout the day and only lives on tea, smoothies, and juices, according to LadBible. A nutritional scientist has warned that this lifestyle is potentially harmful because there’s no scientific evidence of breathing offering essential nutrients.

When she’s out with friends and family, however, Audra does say that she would eat an actual meal. However, she’s determined to live with Breatharianism, at least for now.

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