This Video of a Japanese Guy Polishing a Rusty Knife Has 11 Million Views

Japanese Guy Rusty Knife

As proof that we can never really tell what will go viral online, a video of a Japanese man polishing a rusty knife now has 11 million views, four million of which were gathered in just two days.

The video shows YouTuber Jun explaining that he saw a man trying to sell a rusty traditional Japanese knife for Y30 (roughly P13.61) at a recycling store. The store wouldn’t buy it, so Jun offered to buy it instead.

He was surprised when the man suddenly asked for $3 (roughly P150). According to Jun, he felt he was cheated so he bought the knife and vowed to make it look brand new.

Watch the exciting video below:

The video is quite gripping, as Jun worked to make the knife look new. The knife looked amazing in the end, and Jun showed how sharp it was by cleanly cutting paper, a leaf, and produce. The best part? His cat sitting in the background looking amazed.

The internet is a weird place, but we gotta say: this video is cool.

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