This School Introduces New Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science

When in Manila, there’s no shortage of highly acclaimed schools and universities, each with its own unique character and history. One such institution is Manila Central University, which recently introduced an exciting new award for outstanding scientific achievement.

This prestigious award is designed to honor the vision of a true trailblazer, recognizing individuals who have made groundbreaking contributions to the field of science.

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MCU is one of the pioneer universities in the Philippines as well as the first school of Pharmacy run by Filipinos.

The growing university has maintained a high calibre of its graduates through the years. It isn’t surprising that in line with its commitment to recognizing excellence and developing talent, in its 118th year in education, MCU is launching the Filemon D. Tanchoco Scientific Discovery Award.  This Award aims to recognize and honour researchers and inventors whose discoveries have benefited the Filipino people or are of utmost significance to the welfare of humanity. 

MCUs VP Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco Jr

Photo provided by MCU

MCU’s vice president for Planning and External Affairs, Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco Jr., said, “with this award, we hope to educate and inspire future generations of trailblazers while at the same time, recognizing brilliance, innovation, and dedication to the field of science and technology. We hope to empower the MCU community of students, alumni, and academy [with] the power and capacity they have to make a difference and create a positive change.”

This year’s search will apply the following criteria for the selection of the winner: the discovery, innovation, and scientific works should “redound to the welfare of the Filipino people and of universal importance to the welfare of humanity”; such contribution should be significant being applied, utilized, or implemented for at least five (5) years from the time of nomination, and such contribution should have a significant impact in addressing any of the current Sustainable Development Goals set for humanity by the United Nations.

The winner will be awarded a plaque of recognition, a certain amount of cash prize, and the opportunity to join the FDT Scientific Discoverer Award committee and participate in the selection and verification of future nominees.

Apart from these, the winner will be a keynote speaker in the upcoming Filemon D. Tanchoco, Sr. Memorial lecture during the University Foundation Day and share with the local and international MCU communities about scientific discovery. 

Who is Filemon D. Tanchoco? 


Photo provided by MCU

With a double degree in Pharmacy and Law,  Tanchoco pursued a lifelong mission in education– an unremitting fight against poverty and ignorance and for the reinvigoration of cherished Filipino ideals.

He began as an elementary school teacher at Malabon, Rizal, a branch of the former Colegio Filipino in Manila. Two years later, after acquiring the experience and learning the required prerequisite, he taught in two different colleges in Manila, the Colegio San Geronimo in 1908, Colegio San Pablo in 1914, and later Liceo de Manila from 1914 to 1918. In 1913, he was promoted to professor at the Escuela de Farmacia de Liceo de Manila.

In 1946 he became the dean of the school and the Manila College of Pharmacy and Dentistry. This was followed by his appointment as the 4 first president of the Manila Central University. 

He was quoted as saying, “Meanwhile that the undersigned is living and with sufficient strength to work, our institution will continue on her way of progress, and even after, I have full confidence that my heirs and collaborators in the preparation of our youth for professional life will continue in their patriotic and educational endeavours for the proper and better preparation of our actual and future students who have faith in us and in our ability to give them the best we can for the good of the youth of the land.” 

Recognizing excellence and service in the field of education

In its first year, the nominations will be limited to graduates and full-time faculty members (minimum of 5-year service) of Manila Central University’s various programs who have discoveries of universal importance. Additionally, a single winner will be chosen from the submitted nominees. 

This year’s screening committee will include FDT Trust Fund Board members. Deans and Program Heads are eligible to submit nominations for this year’s FDT Scientific Discoverer Award. Additionally, only qualified and reputable candidates will be considered for this prize. 

As one of the oldest universities in the country, Manila Central University has a long-standing commitment to academic excellence and innovation. As early as now, we wish nominees and future winners congratulations!