This Photographer Scaled Mt. Pulag 7 Times Before Getting His Perfect Shot

Photographer Ralph Anthony Valderrama, or RA, believes in putting in the work to achieve your goals.
Nothing worth having has ever come easy, and neither does it have time for excuses. 

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RA himself constantly quotes sayings like “There is no such thing as bad weather in Landscape Photography” and “Landscape photography is not for the lazy, it does not reward excuses.” His work stands as a testament to his belief that time, effort, and grit can result in amazing success.

So it’s no surprise that he’s already made the famously difficult trek up to Mt. Pulag 7 times all in order to satisfy his vision.

ABS-CBN explains the process of capturing the amazing shot like this: 

On March 5, he climbed the peak after a night at Camp 2, with two cameras tow. The first camera to do a Milky Way time-lapse and the second camera pointed at the north star (Polaris) to show the rotation. That 7-second video now featured here, capturing the rotation and star trails, took 2 hours to shoot via time-lapse.

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These kinds of philosophies which appreciate the value of discipline is what properly directs passions into being fully realized. Although RA is professionally a registered nurse, he’s never let that get in the way of his artistic pursuits and love for traveling.

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