This online seller goes on “zombie mode” during her livestreams

As many people are getting more into online selling, this Thai online seller got creative with how she sold her items.

To attract more customers, Kanittha Thongnak started wearing zombie makeup during her livestreams. According to Kanittha, it can take up to three hours to get ready.

Kanittha Thongnak

Photo: Reuters

However, the zombie makeup isn’t the only peculiar thing about her online selling. To make things stranger, Kanittha Thongnak sells clothes of dead people.

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During her livestreams, she tells the story of how each person who owns the clothes died. She said that she got the idea after she attended a funeral and saw the deceased’s clothes being burned after.

Kanittha sources the clothes from funeral directors, and Buddhist monks give prayers for the dead before she sells it. Aside from this, she also sells scary-themed items like zombie dolls.

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