This One-of-a-Kind Passion Playground is Powered By Your Decisions!

Written by Jesh Orquina

Photography by Mae Ilagan and Vivien del Valle

If you’ve ever been to social gatherings, then you’ll understand how after five or more, they all seem to have the same vibe or feel. After a while, it gets kind of boring because they’re mainly made up of the same formula: music + food + drinks + people (of course).

Now, picture this: You attend a social gathering where you get to fully-customize your experience, try out unique activities prepared by some of the country’s best artists, and earn points which you could later use to redeem rewards. Sounds exciting, right? This is the experience that only Decidium can offer.


What is Decidium?

Let’s just say that Decidium is a gathering for passionate individuals who wish to explore the power of their decisions. It is an avenue for people to make choices and reap the rewards of the decisions they make. It’s one of those things that you have to experience for yourself in order to truly understand.

This June, Decidium launched its very first event at Cove Manila, making it the very first decision-powered party in history and the experience was truly one of a kind.

Food, Music, and Art

Decidium gives you an idea of what passion tastes, sounds, and looks like.

The event features a number of unique booths such as the Soundwalk. Imagine a staircase that plays a different note for every step that you take. That’s what Soundwalk is! It is a sonic installation where every step you take “brings your beat to life.” Sound Beats, on the other hand, lets you create your own music by tapping on different surfaces of the drum.

The Visionarium is one of the activities that allow you to get creative with art. For this activity, you get to “collaborate” with artist Kookoo Ramos by completing her painting. You may experiment with different colors and textures until you feel like you’ve completed your masterpiece.


Trying out all the different booths was definitely a fun experience but perhaps the most unique experience that Decidium has to offer can be found at their buffet.

Your Decisions Determine Your Future

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins, author and life coach

Your decisions always affect your future in one way or another, but Decidium takes it to another level. Their buffet has three main sections. After you’re done tasting the food and drinks from one section, you will be asked a question about the food. Depending on your answer, you are given a shape. Once you’ve tried out all the buffets and you’ve answered all questions, you will have three shapes that will form one unique shape.

The buffet contains a desserts and drinks area that won’t be accessible to you until you’ve collected all three shapes. Once you’ve gained entry, you will be served desserts and drinks depending on the shapes you’ve collected. Since not everyone has the same answers for each question, not everyone will be able to try out the same desserts and drinks.

This is what Decidium is all about: making choices and gaining experiences from the choices you’ve made.

Decidium gives you a taste of what it’s like to live a life of passion. The campaign demonstrates just how powerful decisions are by giving points for every decision the participants make. By earning points, participants can unlock decision milestones such as opening the stage for local artists and even foreign celebrity acts.

The launch of Decidium this June is just the beginning. You may have missed out on their first event, but don’t let that keep you from attending their upcoming events! Their launch was just the start of a journey that showcases how passion looks, feels, and tastes like— a journey that you can still be a part of.

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