This New Baby Brand Offers the Safest Baby Wipes!

Kleenfant is a baby brand that aims to provide quality consumable products that are affordable yet the safest, they could be for everyone. Removing all ingredients that may possibly harm children or anyone. With these in mind, Kleenfant managed to create the safest baby products in the market, from baby wipes, homecare, baby skincare, and now diapers. All gentle with care and love. Within just over a year, Kleenfant has now become one of the leading brands in the market.

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Kleenfant Baby Wipes are the SAFEST Wipes in the market for your babies. With just 8 ingredients, no citric acid, no Phenoxyethanol, and just all-natural products. Available in Baby Scent and Unscented that comes in 108 sheets and 35 sheets. They are preferable for your play dates at home or while traveling. Aside from baby wipes, Kleenfant also has its best-selling cleansing wipes for kids, teens, and moms. Available in three variants, Cherry Blossom Wipes, Antibacterial Wipes, and Icy Cool Menthol Wipes. All their wipes are enriched with Vitamin E which is good for the skin. They’re assured that the wipes are gentle for you and your kids. 352175056 273936415160847 2298441964824405360 n 1080

The Primetime Queen – actress, commercial model, and host, Marian Rivera recently shared a photo of her favorite diapers. She has been a mom for almost eight years and part of that love means that she wants to keep clean and fresh with Kleenfant.
Throughout the first few years of life, your baby will poop and pee pretty much all day long. That’s why Kleenfant spent years of thorough research and development to produce the safest diaper for your baby. Kleenfant Quick Dry Diapers are cottony-soft, breathable, with a wetness indicator, and disposal tape, and have unbeatable dryness for up to 12 hours!

By choosing a premium quality product like Kleenfant, you ensure that your baby is dry, comfortable, and happy, allowing them to explore their world with ease. Kleenfant is now available in SM Baby Company, SM Department Stores. Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop and Edamama.T