This mobile coffee shop offers a majestic view of the mountains

Biking has become a popular mode of transportation during weekdays and workout of choice by many on weekends. If you have driven your two-wheel ride somewhere along Marcos Highway in Antipolo City on Saturdays or Sundays, you have probably spotted an open MPV with guys brewing coffee at the back. This is Kape Sina Una.

Kape Sina Una 2

Kape Sina Una is home to local coffee beans and grounds. The concept was to promote locally produced coffee from native farmers within the archipelago. By introducing it to fellow citizens, it shows support for local crops. In this way, it boosts the morale of every coffee cropper in the country.

The recently launched “Mobile Kape Sina Una” concept aims to revive the Filipino way of life enjoying a cup of coffee with a view of nature. It can help people to be relaxed. It also provides an escape from the everyday stresses and challenges that we are enduring during this pandemic.

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The local coffee itself is known to be cheaper than most Filipino can afford. With Kape Sina Una, everyone can still experience having a cup of brew without breaking the bank.

The flavors which Kape Sina Una considered were the coffee tastes from North to South of the country. From the North, it got local blends from the Cordillera Region like Kapeng Barako of Baguio, House Blend Arabica, and Kalinga Brew. Meanwhile, from the South, it got the so-popular Kapeng Barako of Batangas. It also introduced special flavored coffee like Hazelnut and Vanilla.

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Kape Sina Una envisions to help promote local coffee crops and support local coffee farmers. The Mobile Kape Sina Una concept’s purpose is to bring the local taste of coffee to every Filipino in a convenient place to relax and unwind at an affordable price. This doesn’t end here as it is looking forward to doing outreach programs for less fortunate farmers soon to boost and keep the local coffee crops moving not only nationwide but worldwide.

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Kape Sina Una

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