This Minimalist Container Will Keep Your Bigas Dry and Pest-Free

Since we Filipinos love rice so much, it’s a normal thing to see a whole sack of grains sitting in the corner of the kitchen. No one would even think twice about it because it’s so widely accepted.

If you’re not the type to leave a whole sack out in the open, then you’re probably in the market for an airtight container for your rice.

Look no further! Here’s a great option for you (especially if you’re all about aesthetics).

rice container 2

Photo from Lazada

This modern and minimalist container is a great place for you to keep your rice. It has an airtight lid that’s easy to access, making sure to keep dust, moisture, and pests out.

It may look like just a regular lunch box, but it can actually store up to 10 kilos of rice!

rice container 1

Photo from Lazada

And, of course, this rice container is a must-have because of its modern minimalist design. It comes in pink, light or dark blue, and white; easily making it match whatever your kitchen might look like.

Looking for rice containers? This no-frills, stylish, sturdy container is a great option!

Buy this minimalist rice container here!

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