This Jeepney Driver Brings His Whole Family to Work

This Jeepney Driver Brings His Whole Family to Work

A few days ago, we reported about a female tricycle driver who brings her baby daughter to work because she can’t afford daycare.

This time, we’re sharing a story posted by Carlo Martinez on Facebook. Unlike our first story, the guy in the photo above is a jeepney driver driving along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. And he brought his whole family with him. According to Carlo:

I was the last passenger to alight on the jeepney. I put my phone on silent mode and took this picture. I was inspired seeing them happy and enjoying the company of each other. I am reminded that simple joys and priceless moments are found within the family.

Sometimes, we spend too much time on our work that we forget what truly matters: our family. This guy just proved that you can combine your job and your loved ones. Now this is what you call work-life balance!

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