This Is Why Leos Really Are The Best, From The Perspective Of A Non-Leo

If there’s one thing that Leo’s are known for (and let’s be real, it’s never just one thing) it would have to be how much they love themselves. Leo’s are famously self-confident, self-possessed, and maybe a little self-obsessed. This all leads to a consistent belief that they outstrip all other zodiac signs and come out on top. And as a non-Leo who’s had multiple Leo best-friends — I have to admit that they really are the best.

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I’ll admit, they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. They may come off as too dramatic, too dominant, or too egotistic — basically, they might be too much for some people. But the great thing about Leo’s in spite of it all is that they know it. They know it and embrace it. They are unapologetic for their strong personalities, embodying self-love nearly to a fault. They welcome those who can love them but spare no thoughts for those who can’t — you can’t please everyone, after all.

Their acceptance of who they are and who they are not is something enviable by all. And being around that, looking in on it? It pushes you to be a little of that yourself. It shows you that there’s nothing wrong with being proud of who you are.

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As courageous as they are in being themselves, they are equally courageous in other aspects of their life. An embodiment of their symbol, the lion, they face everything head-on with a roar. Leo’s are brave enough to chase down their dreams, would courageously face off against anyone antagonizing them, and are fearlessly candid with the people around them. It makes being their friend entertaining and exhilarating.

There’s simply an extra spark to them which makes life look all the more vibrant. You get the feeling that they are always living their best life — because why not, right? In comparison, you start to wonder why you keep yourself from enjoying anything to the extent that they do. You push yourself to start to live a little more fully. 

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Personally though, what I love about Leo’s is that they always make your friendship worth it. They are far from perfect, as evidenced by the contempt most people have for them, but their flaws are lost in the bigger scheme of who they are. Their generosity and loyalty to those they care about are often strong enough to make you feel incredibly loved and cared for. 

Not to get all corny here, but having a Leo love you can feel like the biggest achievement. Attracting and keeping their attention are feats in itself. So when a Leo, a sign enshrined for the love they hold for themselves, shares that love with you then it becomes infinitely more special.

What’s your favorite Zodiac sign? Let us know why in the comments! 

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