This is why Gamers are Going Gaga Over Final Fantasy XV

Finally, Final Fantasy XV has a release date!

But that’s not all the people from Square Enix revealed last Wednesday.

According to reports, FF XV will have a five-part anime series and a full-length CGI movie based on the title — there will also be a limited collector’s edition of the game that comes with an exclusive play arts kai of Noctis and a 192 page art book (Only 30,000 copies will be available worldwide!)


FFXV will be released on September 30 after it was delayed for 10 years (it was first announced on E3 2006.) While it’s still a long wait before we can hack and slash monsters with Noctis and his awesome warping powers, Square released another demo to compensate. And it’s available on the PS4 and Xbox.

Have you played FFXV’s Platinum demo yet? What are your impressions?