This Is Where You Can Get The Cheesiest Grilled Nachos In Katipunan!

The Katipunan stretch has been a home not just to a few of the top universities in the country, but even to different homegrown food spots with original concepts. There is now a wide range of various cuisines that food lovers can try out right in Katipunan.

Just recently, there has been another addition to the foodie stretch, and it’s bound to be a favorite of northern people.

La Carnita is a semi-fast food spot that specializes in modern Mexican cuisine. While Mexican food may not be completely new to the Pinoy food scene, La Carnita has brought us something new to the table–literally. It’s the home of the first grilled nachos in the Metro–their original Nachos ala Bomba.

The famous Nachos ala Bomba is basically nacho chips topped with a carpet of grilled cheese that’s actually a combination of cheddar, mozzarella, and their original La Carnita cheese sauce; plus Mexican beef, refried beans, and cucumber salsa. And yes, it tastes just as good as it sounds!

Nachos ala Bomba (PHP 195)

The recipe of the Nachos ala Bomba is a 12-year old recipe that was conceptualized by the owner herself, Aiza Mesina. She shares that it came from the trend of melted raclette cheese, but she reimagined it to accommodate the Pinoy taste. Plus, the cheese sauce she made doesn’t harden quickly.

La Carnita’s Nachos ala Bomba is the reimagination of the concept of nachos in Pinoy food spots. It’s not just an appetizer or a type of finger foods anymore. Aiza shares that some customers treat it as a whole meal! With its big serving and overwhelming flavors, I really don’t see a reason why not.

Carnitas Quesadilla (PHP 160)

Being a modern Mexican restaurant, La Carnita also offers the classics from Mexican cuisine. The Carnitas quesadilla is hands down the best quesadilla I’ve ever tasted. It’s huge, and it is literally filled with cheese. It’s not like some paper-thin piece of tortilla with just a thin layer of cheese spread on it. This one’s legit.

Their Chimichanga is also a definite must-try. This is a deep-fried treat that did not make me feel guilty at all. The crunch of the outside combined with the fullness of its ingredients inside just made me very satisfied and very happy.

They also have a variety of tacos (soft or crispy) and burritos (wrapped or on a platter).

But aside from the classic Mexican dishes, La Carnita is also home to slow-smoked meat meals. Their meat is on a whole new level of juicy and tender. You can choose from either roasted chicken, ribs, or pork belly–all of which are super tender and very tasty. To be honest, you can’t expect anything less than that because it takes them hours to cook the meat! So yes, when they say slow-smoked, they do mean slow-smoked.

La Comida Slow-Smoked Meat Meals (ranges from PHP 155-305)

The thing about La Carnita is they really intended for their menu to be simple and less complicated. If you want a rice meal, you can just choose what type of meat you want, what type of rice you want, and what type of side you want. There’s not exactly a very wide range of choices, but every single one of the menu items tastes amazing so you wouldn’t go wrong with anything you might choose. It makes ordering quite easier.

You can also trust that everything is made from scratch and from fresh ingredients. It’s one of the beauties of having a simple menu, which La Carnita has proven. You can really be assured that their recipe is their own, that they make it on their own, and that everything is made just from quality products.

Mango Brewed Tea (PHP 45)

Everything on La Carnita’s menu came from the owner herself. Even the drinks are original! Their Mango Brewed Tea is an original blend of fresh Oolong tea leaves with mango puree. I am literally obsessed with it.

Aiza Mesina shares that La Carnita started with her love for cooking despite not having any culinary background. She was in college when she created her own taco recipe which ultimately led to her first having a food stall in The Food Hive in Visayas Ave just this January. She was surrounded by celebrity chefs in the mentioned food park, but because of her originality and the delicious food she created, she ultimately made a name for herself.

It was in July of this year that she finally opened her first standalone restaurant in Katipunan. It’s basically a bigger version of their food park stall, but with the addition of the slow-smoked meats which aren’t available in The Food Hive. Their interior reflects the modern Mexican feel of La Carnita as well.

Aiza’s boyfriend, James Reyes, designed the interior himself, using locally crafted materials that can be utilized for the Mexican theme. He also used secondhand materials from old houses all the way from the Spanish era to create a fusion of the modern and traditional. Their spot in Katipunan was definitely maximized with quite a number of tables plus an open kitchen!

With their Katipunan branch being their first standalone spot, it’s definitely just the beginning of what’s up ahead. Aiza shares that they are planning on opening a new branch down South. Southerners better watch out for the arrival of the Metro’s first grilled nachos soon.

La Carnita is definitely a must-try for those who just want a good Mexican meal that’s both very satisfying and affordable. Plus, that Nachos ala Bomba is really more than enough reason for you to try it out. It’s nachos!!! With melted cheese on it!!!

Treat yourself. Be sure to visit La Carnita very soon. Trust me. You’ll come for the nachos and stay for everything else.

La Carnita

2/F Regis Center, 327 Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
0917 551 8123
Open daily 10AM-10PM

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