This is Kylie Jenner’s “Breakfast of Champions”

So, we’ve learned that Kylie Jenner makes the same thing every day for breakfast, as the youngest Kardashian revealed on her website!

Kylie Jenner breakfast

Calling it her “breakfast of champions”, Kylie said:

I’m sure you guys can tell from my Snaps, but I’m pretty damn domestic. I seriously love being home and cooking for my friends and family, especially breakfast. I make the same meal every morning because it’s amazing and it’s T’s favorite. He always asks for it! It’s so easy, anyone can do it!!!

Her go-to meal? Turkey patties, eggs, and rice.

Kylie adds:

I cook the eggs and rice together in a pan (sometimes I add cheese too), and in a separate skillet I fry up the sausage with a little olive oil for about 13-15 minutes until it’s well-done.

She even shares a little tip: if you want more flavor in your patties, sprinkle some garlic powder.

So simple yet scrumptious!

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