This is how to get the creamiest homemade ice cream delivered to your doorstep

Even if we have approached the rainy season, ice cream is still a great idea. It’s the perfect partner for those nights you just want to chill and binge-watch your Netflix show.

krem ice cream

With Krēm’s homemade ice cream, you can get the creamiest ice cream delivered right to your doorstep! According to the owner, Madeleine Fernandez, she never thought of creating a business of her own. One day, she just started experimenting and sold Mango Graham ice cream in their village’s online community group. To her surprise, people liked it and started making other flavors.

I got to try some of Krēm PH’s ice cream and it’s so creamy, but not too sweet either. It’s perfect if you’re not a big fan of sweets (like me), but want the comfort that ice cream brings.

They also offer unique ice cream flavors like Mango Graham and Vanilla Maltesers which I both got to try. The Mango Graham is a fun take on the famous Filipino dessert. It’s great if you’re a big fan of the dessert and want to try something new.

The Vanilla Maltesers, on the other hand, had some Malteser bits in it which is a plus if you love the candy. It also has a good balance of sweetness so you aren’t overwhelmed by the flavor.

Krēm’s ice cream comes in two different sizes, 200mL and 473mL (which is one pint). The 200mL tubs cost around Php100 to Php150 while the 473mL tubs cost around Php200 to Php300, depending on which flavor you’ll get. They also deliver all around Metro Manila via Mr. Speedy or Grab.

What flavor are you going to try from Krēm? Let us know!


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