This is how the public market in Manila observes hygiene and social distancing

With the risk of the virus, we have to continue to be on our toes about how we get our groceries and provide food for the table. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of extra safety just to give people some peace of mind.

Extra precautions and all are a necessity to ensure that people are safe, hygienic, and following good social distancing procedures.

Here’s one of the public markets in Manila city where people are seen lining up according to circles painted on the floor, getting their temperatures taken, and washing their hands in designated handwashing stations. There are even signs about how masks are a requirement to wear, just in case people decided to slip them off for a bit.

The photos also show a constant effort in terms of cleanliness, people sweeping and mopping when they can to make sure everything is clean. We hope these procedures are continued in the coming days!

Check out the post from the Manila Public Information Office below:[0]=68.ARAviDbK2-k1oeitMrsvVMzvanUvp23FnKegDmMlixZjCc-c-rekZOSjRoQCuxTxjC8PWDKEH4BCFImMiSEPD2MzbEGguMYyvuA-pju-05nrIi4t96NIBxMVUVrbQU35Xi9WUoG7erX3rl7Mk6H-SOoIfMuNwNV023-fOIBK1tWUeE-SyV67Fuafcf-08rTYKXA-m-Kg7Kt9xwm3N-Fr2ZMLDdyGPSDxpbuhjqNodd2pDmH5h5LTAbTR2dRitVQ7WPtDyEHuSNFO80x0gb5tUjsLoNdaTDK8N9ICocZEBC8vjKdkUAadpYpni10C-uQ2ebtxFXcJITvEqjMJ0B9SlOg&__tn__=-R

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