This Is How KC Concepcion Dealt With A Hater Saying She Looked Like A ‘Clown’

KC Concepcion looks to be dealing with a lot of hate directed her way, nowadays. From criticizing her change in style to calling out her apparent weight gain, KC’s Instagram followers seem to be strangely motivated in pointing out her “flaws”. Of course, with nearly 3 million followers getting a bit of hate is all part of the deal.

Which is something KC is all too aware of. By now, she’s perfected the off-hand reply to comments which might be pushing it a bit much. This is evident by the way she handled a fresh wave of criticism after posting a selfie with a full face of makeup on.

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It’s possible that KC’s look for her night out (for some reason) triggered her followers as they went to reference having ‘too much’ makeup on. One user wrote: “For me, the KC before is more beautiful. Simple beauty but very charming.” KC was all manners in replying: “We need to change things up from time to time ;)”

A more direct comment called her out by saying, “Mukha kna clown sa kapal ng makeup mo. Sorry for the comment, beautiful ka pa naman.” [You look like a clown with how thick your makeup is. Sorry for the comment, you are beautiful after all.] To which KC took the higher road by responding: “Oh! Ang ziiiiweet mo.”

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Several other comments repeated the sentiment of KC mimicking a clown and it’s difficult to understand why such a stigma against wearing makeup exists. Anyone should be able to look the way they feel most comfortable in.

How would you respond to comments like that?

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