KC Concepcion Conception Rumors: Is She Pregnant? The Actress Speaks Out

It seems like a lot of celebrities have been announcing their pregnancies lately. On an Instagram Q and A last Aug. 8, KC Concepcion addressed rumors circulating that she’s about to join the list of celebrity soon-to-be mommas.

Photo from KC’s Instagram (@itskcconcepcion)

When one of her followers asked if she was pregnant, KC replied, “You guys have to stop with these ‘pregnant’ rumors already. That rumor has been going around since my college years for no reason. I have never been pregnant in my life. In fact, how I wish I could be!”

This isn’t the first time people have speculated on KC’s possible pregnancy. In May, she had to address another rumor on Instagram as well. She also said that she does wish she was pregnant, as she already wants to have kids.

Meanwhile, another one of her followers made light of the situation, saying that in the Philippines, when women gain weight, it is automatically assumed that they’re pregnant even when they are not!

Taken from KC’s Instagram (@itskcconcepcion)

KC is currently on an acting hiatus and is pursuing her dream as a jeweler. She’s created her own bespoke jewelry line called Avec Moi by Kristina.

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