This High School Recreated La La Land’s Opening Number and IT’S ADORABLE

A high school in New Jersey, USA, the Notre Dame High School, recreated the opening number from La La Land and guys, we are shookt. Listen to me. It is so. freakin. adorable.

They shared the story on their YouTube page:

One day film teacher Bonnie Milecki used some clips from the (then) newly released movie “La La Land” to teach her film production classes some important lessons about pre-production and art direction. Later that day, student Nick Pratico was so excited about the opening scene from the film that he exclaimed, “Man, I really wish we could have shot that scene! It looks like SOOOOO much fun to be a part of that. We could totally do that in our parking lot!” After a little thought Mrs. Milecki responded, “Well, let’s give it a try!” Three months later this little tribute was finished! Thanks so much to “La La Land” writer/director, Damien Chazelle for inspiring so many students to take risks, try something hard, and for bringing a little sun to Notre Dame High School!

What started out as a project for a film class turned out to be a school effortand we don’t blame these kids. We would want to help out too, ‘cos this looks like it was so much fun to be a part of. From the line of cars, the colorful costumes, the choreography, the stunts, and the big party in the end, we are absolutely sure this performance will bring a smile to your face.

Watch below:

Next time another carmageddon happens on EDSA, we know what to do.

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