This Group of Friends Relived Meteor Garden Scenes in Taiwan!

Taiwan has quickly been rising as a go-to destination in recent years. Aside from being near the Philippines, its breathtaking sights, bustling art scene and foodie finds have made it a popular vacation spot for Pinoy travelers!

Suzanne Dolorito and her friends, however, had another itinerary in mind. As fans of Meteor Garden, they took on the exciting task of retracing the hit show Meteor Garden and its real-life setting!

Just in case you need a refresher: Meteor Garden is that smash-hit Taiwanese show that introduced us to San Cai and the F4, characters that the whole country fell in love with. The show catapulted stars such as Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu, and Ken Chu to worldwide fame and quickly became household names! It would also introduce us to Asianovelas and later, K-Dramas.

meteor garden

Photos by Suzanne Dolorito

Suzanne and her friends even traveled to Chiayi, south of Taiwan, to visit Ying De University, the show’s university in real life. The group traced the actual settings where certain iconic scenes took place, like the famous red locker and the first time San Cai received a red tag!

meteor garden 3

As Suzanne said on her Facebook post, while she and her friends were lucky to find some of the exact spots as it looked like in some scenes, the show was shot over 15 years ago, so it’s possible that some of the scenery has changed.

meteor garden 4

Possibly the best thing out of all this is that their fangirling trip was noticed by none other than San Cai herself, Barbie Hsu!

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Barbie Hsu meteor garden

(Rough translation: So many good memories. I miss it! ????)

Here are some of the photos that are guaranteed to send you on a feels trip:

meteor garden 1

meteor garden 2

friends relive meteor garden scenes

L-R: Lyd Ilicito, Angelica Bigkas, Suzanne Dolorito, Mara Salamat. Photo taken by Magnolia Dolorito

Lucky girls!

Check out more photos from her trip on her Facebook page.

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