This Girl’s “Beauty and The Beast” Themed Debut Is Made From The Stuff Of Dreams

A girl’s 18th birthday is the moment that she officially transitions from childhood into adulthood. And so, many of us girls aspire to make it as unforgettable as possible.

Recent debutante Bea Soliman was truly able to make the most out of her eighteenth birthday as she was able to make it truly hers. She chose a “Beauty and The Beast” theme for her party, and it was just as magical as the fairy tale and the movies themselves.

Take a look at the party’s same day edit video by production house Artofgelo and prepare to be swept away:

Just looking at this video,  it already shows how much of a Beauty and The Beast debut it was–from the iconic red roses to the golden candlestick-holders to the magical mirror and even up to the recognizable yellow gown that Belle wore in that famous dance scene.

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Bea shares with that she chose the theme due to her love for Disney and Belle. According to her, she also had a Beauty and The Beast themed party during her 7th birthday, and she thought that it would be “pretty cool (and emotional … ) to see the comparisons of then and now, of younger Bea and older Bea.”

She says that she was very hands-on with the preparations of the party which took 8 months! She and her family truly went all out in getting that fairy tale theme down to every detail.

From choosing all the suppliers, to the wording and designing of the invitations, to the placement of the straps and the beads to be used on the gowns, to the music to be used for my pre-debut film, to the conceptualization of the decorations – the lion statues, the knights, the scratch on the Beast’s photo, the enchanted rose, the kinds of candelabras to be used on the tables, to the organizing of the guest list and the guest tables, to the recipe to be used for the “Grey Stuff” giveaways, to the shades to be used on my face for the makeup, to the background of the photo booth, to some of the shots I wanted to be taken, to the music to be played during the event, to the kind of lighting to be used, to when the smoke machine should be operated and more (Sorry po na mahaba, linabas ko po lahat ng pagod HAHA), I was there.

If anything, this serves as an inspiration to all those teen girls out there planning to go for a debut party. No, it’s not old-fashioned. Make your eighteenth birthday your own! Do what you want. You’re only 18 once!

What did you think of that “Beauty and The Beast” debut? Share it with us!

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