This Free Online Summit Might Be The Key To Your Freelancing Success!

Freelancing is very hard. There are a lot of success stories out there about freelancers earning top dollar while working in front of white sandy beaches and they all sound too good to be true, but what if I told you that it’s possible? The problem with creative freelancers is that most of us don’t know how exactly to market our skills so that we can reach clients more efficiently. No matter how talented you might be, if you don’t find clients, you won’t get to live that beachfront freelancer life.

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The Design Biz Mastery Summit is here to help you with that! Created by Filipina design entrepreneur Donna Agnes, the summit aims to help creatives navigate the world of marketing and business. Donna shares that, like most creatives, she strived for creative freedom and left the corporate world (where she worked for giants like Disney and Sony) to pursue her own business. However, like any business, it took some time for her to take off and be the successful woman she is today. She created this summit to help other creatives like her get onto the path of success.

Who is this summit for?

  • New Freelancers who want to start landing consistent clients and close higher deals.
  • Experienced Freelancers who want to scale using proven systems that they didn’t have as a solo designpreneur.
  • Full-Time Employees who want to design freely without the corporate slavery of a 9 to 5 office.
  • Brick & Mortar Agencies who want the freedom to grow and connect with their clients and team from anywhere in the world.

How do I apply for the summit? Do I need to pay for anything?

It’s simple, really. All you have to do is go to the Design Biz Mastery Summit website and sign up. What’s amazing about this is that it’s absolutely free! All you need to have is internet access. The summit will send you frequent emails about updates and the materials but will calm down once it’s over. Remember, this summit is for a specific time, like a conference you’d actually attend in real life. The content will be made available to you during the duration of the summit and you will have 24 hours to digest all of the information there.

You’ll have world-class entrepreneurs talking about their craft through videos and reading materials. While this summit was created with budding design entrepreneurs in mind, it could also be helpful for other creatives in different areas as well.

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The Design Biz Mastery Summit will run from August 29 to August 31. Materials will be made available as early as August 29 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (August 30 12:00 AM Philippine Standard Time).

Design Biz Mastery Summit


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