This Filipino-Inspired Microcreamery Serves Sorbetes in Belgium

Sorbetes is a beloved treat in the Philippines. It is also dubbed as “dirty ice cream” because it is traditionally peddled on the streets. Meanwhile, a Filipino nurse and her pastry chef husband have introduced the food staple in Sint Niklaas, Belgium through their microcreamery–Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle.

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They offer Filipino flavors such as Chocnut, banana cue, halo-halo, and mango, as well as other classic Pinoy faves and tropical fruits! The ice cream shop even serves them in a kariton-inspired bike. “We started delivering around the big cities but now we started to sell with our kariton-inspired ice cream bike,” owner Kamille shares.

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People who have tasted their products said that it “tastes like what we had from the Philippines” and “definitely brought back delightful memories of warm days in the tropics.”

To know more about Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle, check them out on Facebook (@SorbetesNiManongJelle)!

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