This Filipino Gelato Brand Was Born From a Love Story

There is a Bible verse that says: “Let all that you do be done in love” (1 Corinthians 16:14). And if we had to pick a brand that epitomizes this from end to end — from the time the business was born to where it is now — it would be Koibito’s World of Gelato.

Koibitos Caramel Panna Cotta FULL SHOT

In a world where most of us are hardened by hardships, pains, and heartaches; Roger and Angelina Lantin-Monsale’s brand, Koibito’s World of Gelato, reminds us that love is a powerful force. Love can help create a successful business out of a hobby and a world-class brand out of passion.

In 2012, Roger was on the road to fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. He was already in flight school in the US when he and Angeli decided to get married. Angeli then asked Roger to stay in the Philippines instead of returning to flight school in the US — a request Roger happily agreed to.

GELATO FAMILY. Roger and Angelina Monsale with their three sons

Roger chose his wife over his passion for flying, and the newlyweds settled in Angeli’s hometown of Lipa, Batangas. Roger then decided to make his sacrifice worthwhile by pursuing another passion: gelato. This quickly became a good obsession.

FIRST DAY HIGH. On Roger Monsales first day in Gelato University he prepared chocolate gelato

Roger and Angeli’s love and passion spilled over into their passion to make a successful business out of their love for Europe and gelato. Roger traveled to Bologna, Italy (said to be the rightful origin of the gelato), where he took his formal training in gelato making.

He was in search of a perfect and original recipe, something that would help him fulfill his new dream of creating the best gelato in the world. This search led Roger to Venice, where he found the gelato flavor that would become his favorite, the Cremino. The store where he found it was nondescript, yet it paved the way to what would become Koibito’s World of Gelato.

A CLASSIC. Roger Monsale holds Tiramisu gelato he prepared in Gelato University

Cremino not only became the inspiration for Koibito’s, but also became its benchmark. Imagine this: layers of hazelnut and salted caramel gelato with chocolate hazelnut ganache. Now close your eyes and imagine this gelato embracing your tongue and kissing every corner of your mouth. This multi-sensory experience can be experienced through Koibito’s World of Gelato.

If they’re proudly Filipino, you might be wondering why they focused on gelato and not sorbetes. Well, Koibito’s World of Gelato actually features Filipino ingredients sourced from their origins around the Philippines (like cashews sourced all the way from Antipolo).

Roger, Koibito’s gelato artisan, has masterfully applied the techniques he learned in Italy with ingredients he can get right here in the Philippines. Koibito’s World of Gelato is able to help Filipino farmers by buying straight from them, making this a farm-to-gelato-machine initiative and advocacy.

Koibitos Tablea CLOSE UP

Other Philippine ingredients they use include tablea (“Chocolate tablet” in English; small traditionally homemade tablets of pure ground roasted cacao beans) and Philippine coffee, hailed as “the next best thing” in coffee around the world by Coffeerama. When we support Philippine coffee, we also support fair trade, environmental health, and — in war-torn areas where coffee is grown — peace. Roger’s heart may be for gelato, but it beats for his country and its farmers. Now that is truly Filipino.

Koibitos Kapeng Barako FULL SHOT

Koibito’s mission is to educate the world to know and only prefer the best gelato. Their tagline is “A little piece of Italy” because with every small batch of gelato they make in the exact Italian way, they want their customers to feel like they are right there in Italy, enjoying the best that it has to offer.

Koibito’s is not an imitation of Italian gelato, nor is it Roger’s take on the Italian gelato. Koibito’s is Italian gelato — and in a country pervaded by ice cream and other iced desserts left and right, Koibito’s is one way anyone can experience authentic gelato.

Koibitos Oreos and Milk FULL SHOT

They have a wide range of gelato flavors to choose from, too: ChocoHazelnut Bon Bons, Wild Berries, Strawberry Cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake (seasonal), Kapeng Barako, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, Batangas Tablea, ChocoPeanut Bar, Cashew Butter, Nocciola (hazelnut), Caramel Panna Cotta, Salted Caramel, Nutty Strawberry, Cookie Butter, Bubble Gum, Cookie Monster, Sweet Cream and Cherries, Oreos and Milk, Salted Sweet Corn, Mexican Vanilla, and Mango Sorbet (seasonal).

If you want gelato without any sugar, they also have Pistachio and Giandujia.

Koibitos Pistacho CLOSE UP

Koibito’s World of Gelato is available in Lipa Grill Makati in Chino Roces Avenue and in The Outlets at Lipa, Batangas, which is also popular for its authentic Italian vibe and the beautiful Insta-friendly design.

Koibitos café interiors 2

Like any business, Koibito’s World of Gelato felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why they procured a new mission: to get families to celebrate over gelato in the safety of their own home. As a gift to all families, shipping is FREE.

They even share recipes to help their customers make the most of the 101% gelato experience — perfect to share with friends and loved ones (or even alone!). Order the gelato flavors of your choice in pints, delivered in a special Koibito’s thermal bag to ensure quality control. Add a pack or two of waffle crisps and you’ll be exclaiming “DELIZIOSO!” in no time!

Koibito’s World of Gelato

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