This Fil-Am rocked her prom in a traditional Filipiniana!

That’s hashtag Pinoy pride right there.

Prom is popularly depicted in movies as a night that a high schooler will never forget. Getting dolled up, partnering up with an awesome date and spending time with your friends will are just one of the few things that makes that night memorable.

A senior from Houston, Texas was a stunner during her prom where she placed her best foot forward – donning the traditional Filipiniana. Of course, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without the pamaypay (fan).

para sa kultura ?? #prom2018

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shoutout 2 @fergalysiaous let the lights dim sum ??? #prom2018

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According to Balitang America, Tricia Jane Asuncion figured that “there was no better way than going cultural”, where she and her friends opted for the same idea as well. Her friends include fellow Filipinos, Cameroonians, Nigerians, Indians and Chinese.

“My classmates really loved the idea. When all my friends showed up at prom we got a lot of compliments saying how beautiful we looked and how handsome my date looked.

“It was overwhelming, but I felt really happy representing my own culture,” she said.

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