This father-daughter moment witnessed at a fastfood restaurant will touch your heart

We live for tender moments like these, especially when witnessed first-hand. A parent’s love goes beyond words, it comes with sacrifice and selflessness, like this one!

Karl Vincent happened to dine in one of the top fast food restaurants in the country just recently when he saw a father and daughter nearby, enjoying and sharing a meal.

The daughter offers half of her meal back to her father, where the latter bought for the former. Very touching!

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Karl Vincent for details.

I was nearly finished eating my lunch in this fast food restaurant in Sta. Rosa. I saw this father together with her daughter so I stayed for a while. I just watched them -I realized that he only ordered a meal which is usually good for one person (a spaghetti and a drink). He gave it to his daughter; he was just looking at her. The daughter eats until she consumes half of the meal and she pushed gently the meal towards her father and said “Papa sa’yo nalang ‘to.” (Papa, you can have this).

Karl Vincent says that the father initially tried to refuse but his daughter “said the same words” and insisted. He eventually gave in.

I couldn’t help but take a photo of them and share it online – that a parent’s love is beyond compare. I’m hoping that it also moved people because I’m sure there was a time that our parents did that act or something like that act just for us.

Karl Vincent shares to WHEN IN MANILA that witnessing that moment reminded him so much of his childhood.

It brings back the memories when I was younger and innocent. Like the father’s daughter, my mom or dad will bring me to a fast food restaurant and buy food for me. I would ask them why they weren’t eating and their response will always be “Busog pa ako anak.”

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