This Family-Owned Farm in Bicol is All About #Aesthetics

What was supposed to be a peaceful place for Mr. Llaguno, the owner of FarmPlate, to retire in suddenly became Bicol’s newest tourist attraction when passersby noticed how Instagrammable it is.


I mean, just look at that barnhouse. Can you believe that it was just being used as a storage?

Within a short period of time, the number of people asking if they could take photos of the place was unexpected. That’s when the Llagunos’ realized that the place has great potential for tourism.


With aesthetics being the trend among Instagram users, FarmPlate would never go unnoticed.


Just recently, FarmPlate opened its gates to tourists where they can enjoy various outdoor activities like biking, ATV-riding (they only have one ATV for now), and even Carabao-riding!

FarmPlate Bicol HQ 29

They also have local kids who can teach guests how to fly kites.


Guests are also allowed to bring food and have a picnic while enjoying the view of Mayon Volcano.


FarmPlate is also open to those who plan to stay the night.

FarmPlate Bicol HQ 19

They have camping grounds near the lake (yup, there’s an actual lake) where tents are available for rent.


Of course, guests can also pitch their own tents if they have them.


There’s also a bonfire that they can set up to complete the camping experience. This spot is also great for some night sky photography if you want to capture the Mayon Volcano surrounded by stars.


For bigger groups, the barn house is an option.


It has 12 comfortable mattresses with cozy blankets and 12 sets of overnight abaca baskets (made by them, too) with a towel, soap, shampoo, a toothbrush, and a sachet of toothpaste.


Despite several malls sprawling in Albay, it’s great to see a lot of people visiting FarmPlate to have a breath of fresh air and spend quality time with their friends and family. With technology surrounding us, it’s great to see children running around and enjoying the outdoors – something that FarmPlate highly encourages.



FarmPlate can also be booked for private events. Just recently, a marriage proposal took place and the whole FarmPlate team did their best to make the couple’s moment extra special. Awww.


Even if FarmPlate is still in the works, it’s great to see many people already enjoying the place and reconnecting with nature.


Several more amenities will be available soon, as well: an activity center, a convention hall, overnight cottages, a restaurant, a swimming pool, and a playground – definitely something to look forward to!


Daraga, Albay

052 483 3841


Instagram: @farmplatealbay