This Easy-To-Use Label Maker is Less Than 300 Pesos!

Organizing at home? Things will be so much easier to find when you’ve got labels. If you’re hiding the clutter into categorized storage bins, labels are definitely a must-have so you don’t waste time going through everything just to find one single thing.

You don’t have to spend so much to get nice-looking labels, especially in today’s trends of aesthetic pantries or airy decluttered rooms. You can get a no-fuss label maker for less than 300 Pesos from Shopee!

label maker

Photo from Shopee

This embossing label maker is so easy to use. There’s no need for printing or special expensive paper, and it gets the job done.

It basically just embosses the letters and characters onto a piece of ribbon tape, and all you have to do is to choose the right letters and stamp them into the tape.

label maker 1

Photo from Shopee

The label maker comes in black, white, and pink, while the tape (or the label itself) has nine varieties. You can also get extra rolls of ribbon tape for as low as 40 pesos each!

These labels are timeless, minimalist, and they will definitely keep your home organized!

Buy this label maker here.

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