This Cute Candle Warmer Lets You Enjoy the Aroma of Scented Candles Worry-Free

As titas, we love the aroma of scented candles! However, we are also cautious about the risk of accidentally leaving them burning. With candle warmers, you don’t have to handle flames at all!

Now, you can still put your scented candles to use even though you don’t trust yourself with fire. Instead of lighting the wick, the hot light of a candle warmer melts wax to safely release the scent. Without direct flames involved, it extends the life of your candle plus they’re smoke-free!

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This cute candle warmer from Shopee has a spherical marble base with a 16-cm diameter. This makes it suitable for candles that have a 10-cm bottom and are 11cm high. On the other hand, the warmer is a champagne-gold-colored glass that matches its white marble base perfectly! This candle warmer/lamp is also dimmable so you can adjust the brightness depending on the ambiance you want to set.

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