This Co-Working Space in San Juan is a Creative’s Dream

There are two windows by a corner of the room and through both of them, soft sunlight filters. It’s this and not the playful aesthetic—not the pops of purple and yellow nor the art-deco chairs—that catches my eye. It’s a beautiful afternoon, hot but glorious in all the sunshine. And fortunately for me, I am sitting inside an airconditioned room.

It’s the launch of Shuffle Makerspace, one of the newer, more playful co-working spaces in San Juan.

And, having just come from school, I had my laptop. It’s placed on top of one of the wooden tables, and I’m typing away because my thesis is due next week and it’s midterms season. Of course the professors want nothing more than for me to die drowning in a pile of paperwork. In retrospect, it’s quite timely that my job at WIM has brought me to a new haven of productivity while in the midst of hellweek. High speed internet, built-in sound system, a TV screen for presentations and screenings, photocopying and printing services plus unlimited coffee, water, and snacks—what more could a burnt out college senior want?

imageedit 9 6496826972

Shuffle’s playfulness on full display in their logo

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Photo from Shuffle Makerspace

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Photo from Shuffle Makerspace

Introducing Eizelle Yee and Jean Hung, the two young minds behind Shuffle Makerspace. They’ve grown bored of the whole cafe scene: the very public setting, the noise that accompanies coffee beans and caffeinated drinks. So they did something about it.

They made a space that is uniquely their own. But mind you, it isn’t just about hiding behind a glowing laptop screen studying for a test. It’s much more than that. Shuffle Makerspace takes pride in being both creative and versatile enough to host you and your friends on your study days, group workshops, and house parties.

Yes, house parties, also known as Shuffle Soirees. They’re scheduled monthly and are meant to be nights meant to be both artsy and conversation-inducing. They’re lots of fun and not just because of the free-flowing beer (Nipa Brew, Chang Beer, and Taiwanese Beer) and the pizza buffet.

When I was there with my fellow WIM team, they brought along DJ Angel Villaronte for some super chill EDM. Not to mention the other artists who came along to entertain us the entire night: Kara Pangilinan and Alfonso, Marco Yao, and Martin Riggs. Warm lights and all that glass and wood made for the best vibe ever: all that aesthetic and a can of Taiwanese beer in one hand. Talk about Saturday plans!

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Pizza buffet anyone?

final1520260921539DJ Angel Villaronte setting the vibes for a chill night.

But don’t think that Shuffle Makerspace is limited to house parties. As previously mentioned, they’re also an ideal space for hosting workshops, and I, being the ultimate tita, was more than excited to join a terrarium workshop during Shuffle’s launch hosted by Smarty Plants PH. I made the ugliest terrarium out of all of us, which likely means I’ve failed as a self-proclaimed tita of Manila. But it was still a great way to spend the afternoon.

imageedit 13 5477461963

Terrarium workshop for all my fellow titas.

Watch out for more kinds of workshops (calligraphy, anyone? Knitting, maybe?) coming soon, or host one there yourself! For solo workers, I suggest picking up a 5-day pass to Shuffle Makerspace well worth the P2,300 (I mean unli-coffee and high speed Internet? Sounds like a more sulit Starbucks amiright?). Otherwise 1-hour, 4-hour, and 8-hour passes are available as well for P100, P350, and P500 respectively.

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Photo from Shuffle Makerspace

So remember, whatever it is you want to do there—whether hosting an FGD or a board room meeting, having solo muni-muni time to do your work, or even join in on a super chill house party with the rest of the amazing Shuffle gang—you definitely can.

Shuffle Makerspace

187 N. Averilla Street, San Juan, Metro Manila @shufflemakerspace
+6399-501-34763 / +632-404-2101