This Candle Care Set Is a Must-Have for Any Candle Collector

If you love collecting scented candles just as much as we do, then you’re probably already familiar with the guidelines on how to maximize your candle’s life. You’d have to regularly trim the wick, make sure the wax melts evenly, and put out the fire with anything other than your breath.

Being a responsible “candle mom” definitely helps your candles live longer than usual. And if the rules feel like too much to follow, then maybe the right tools can help.

Photo from Shopee

This candle care toolset is all you need to make sure that your scented candles live up to their potential.

The candle care toolset includes a special wick trimmer, making it a lot easier to trim the wick compared to using scissors. There’s also a candle snuffer that’s best to use on elongated candles, and there’s a wick dipper that lets you put out the fire by dipping the wick into the melted wax—no smoke and no melted wax splashing all around.

This set comes in gold and rose gold colors, so it looks extra elegant, too!

Buy this candle care toolset here!

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