This Cake is the Perfect Dessert for Noche Buena

Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday! Aside from the natural high that we get from gift-giving, another important aspect of Christmas (aside from Jose Mari Chan) would be the food that we will be eating… or should I say, “devouring”… during the whole month of December.

Despite everything that has been going on, this 2020 holiday season is no different for me. The pandemic did not stop my insatiable desire to celebrate the holidays through food. In fact, due to the increase in home bakers during quarantine, it even made me wonder whether I had already tried the best of whatever it is I am craving for.

Photo from By Benassi

I always ask my friends to share their best food discoveries and even when on a diet,  my “stomach’s” curiosity would trump my diet anytime. Plus, researching for the best noche buena feast sounded like a good excuse to start the mini pigout sessions even as early as November!

As I was rounding up our Noche Buena list, one of the things that I couldn’t scratch off my list was our dessert after the massive feast. I wanted something light and airy since I knew that I would be so full after the meal that I had carefully picked to celebrate Christmas this year. But what kind of dessert could be that be?!? I was about to give up since most desserts are quite heavy and too sweet for my taste… until I stumbled across By Benassi.

Photo from By Benassi

I had already heard so many good reviews about By Benassi’s Mascarpone Cake before. However, to taste is to believe, so I actually had one delivered last week.

Photo by By Benassi

OMG! It was love at first taste! Their mascarpone cake is sooooo good! It’s light, airy, and quite indulgent at the same time. I didn’t know how all of that could happen in one bite. The soaked bottom layer goes perfectly well with the creamy layer on top that isn’t too sweet. In fact, it is perfect – and perfect for what I was looking for. It is a cake that you can eat a lot of without feeling too heavy afterwards.

Photo from By Benassi

So I guess I have found my perfect noche buena dessert! It may not be your go-to cake right now; but once you try it, I’m sure it will be!

We’ve hardly travelled more than 50km because of the pandemic, but with a bite of By Benassi’s Mascarpone Cake, you’ll get a taste of Italy right in your homes. It’ll make for a great holiday gift, too!

By Benassi

Instagram: @mascarponecake_bybenassi

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