This bride asked her friends to wear their wedding gowns on her own wedding day

Actress Audrey Moore asked a non-traditional request to her friends for her wedding day. She said,”It was required that many of the girls wear their wedding dresses! Or a wedding dress. Or their mom’s. It was one of my most favorite parts!! Wedding photos!”

She explained the reason behind this in an interview with TODAY Style. She elaborated, “I’m the last of my friends to be married and I went to most of their weddings. They’re all such beautiful women inside and out and I had heard so often that they were really sad they couldn’t wear their wedding dress again. So then I decided I really wanted to be surrounded by a bunch of my beautiful princess brides and have a magical, fun day together.”


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Wedding photos! Doing 4 a day so attendees can share! #moorelumen18 @circumpunctstudio

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She tied the knot with her now husband Jesse Lumen back in December 30, 2018 at RoseWolff.

Would you consider this an option for your future wedding’s dress code?