This App Might Make it Fun For You to Clean Up Manila of its Litter

Litterati App

Litter is practically choking the planet. We’re drowning in soda cans, plastic bags, and cigarette butts!

But now there’s an app for users to identify, collect and geotag litter. Using geo-data it helps map out litter all over the world. The app is called Litterati and it makes it fun to pick up litter. According to its site, it is tackling this problem one piece of litter at a time. “Geotags provide insight into problem areas, while keywords identify the most commonly found brands and products. This data will be used to work with companies and organizations to find more sustainable solutions.”

The Litterati community has mapped and picked up over 600,000 pieces in 100+ countries, including the Philippines.

Litterati map_world

How it works is:

  1. You take a photo of litter with the app, then dispose properly or recycle.
  2. Tag each photo by brand or product type.
  3. Upload photos to the digital landfill.

That’s it! You’ve helped crowdsource-clean your city and the planet, one litter at a time.

Download the app from and check out which part of our neighborhood has the most pasaways.

Will you try this app? Can it help solve our littering problem?

Share your thoughts below!

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