This Adorable Mini Computer Lets You Play Games While Playing Music!

Words by Alexis Rhae Gabriel

Are you interested in decorating your home with something minimalistic or just really miss the vintage look of old computers and pixel games? 


Fortunately, you can still achieve the nostalgic and retro vibe without having to worry about compromising modern practicality. With this pixel art Bluetooth speaker that you can get from Shopee, this multitasking device can fit right into your modern home while maintaining a classy retro look!

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This pixel art portable speaker inspired by old computers from the late ’90s and early 2000s contains many functions such as playing traditional pixel games, an alarm clock, the ability to create pixel images and animations, and can even tell you the weather and time.

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With its miniature size, you also won’t have to worry about this speaker consuming too much space.

It also comes in numerous pastel color variations that will surely fit your personal tastes and this wireless Bluetooth speaker can also last up to 8 hours before its battery needs to be recharged again. 

ditoo center4

If you’re someone who likes playing pixel games or just wants to add a bit more of an old-school flair to their home, then this pixel art Bluetooth speaker is definitely worth the money.

Check it out here!

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