This 77-year old Ballerina will prove age is just a number

We’ve emphasized the importance of chasing your dreams here at Now, we are sharing another story that will hopefully inspire all of us to continue pursuing our dreams.

BBC’s Amazing Humans, as the name implies, features humans who have compelling and inspiring stories. Such is this 77-year-old ballerina from London. Her name is Madame Suzelle Poole. For Poole, ballet is life. She started when she was 7 years old.

To some, ballet is just a hobby that could be dropped anytime. Some would stop after high school. While others would choose to do other things, but Poole did otherwise. She continues what she loves doing. Poole hasn’t stopped dancing – in fact, she teaches children and regularly performs for residents at a care home, BBC confirms.

Poole said in the video that most people would think ballet is a short career. And, she also thought the same way. She thought she was going to stop in her 20’s.

Watch Poole’s video below:

Poole has an extremely compelling message: “Life is too short NOT to do what you want to do.”

So, start doing what you love doing now before it’s too late!

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